Bridge Storage Installs Solar Energy System

Bridge Storage marks one of the primary storage facilities in the East Bay to go to solar. Solar Panels Sydney The solar PV system has been installed and created with SPG Solar, Inc. (SPG) of San Rafael, CA.

Family owned and operated; Bridge Storage was built by James Wright using 80\% recycled construction materials that were directed to get a landfill. It’s now handled by his son Jeff Wright, a Berkeley PH.D., who’s also a tenured professor of mathematics at the University of San Diego where his research interests concentrate on the creation of brand new, alternative resources for energy.

We decided to set up solar power for several factors, said Wright. “to begin with, it makes economic sense. Having an easy evacuation payback on our investment, investing in solar power is an excellent way to arrange for and then conserve the future .”

We realize that the ecological awareness and zeal of the customer base and also are firm believers from the credo Think Globally, Act Locally, continues Wright. “Realizing the necessity for right actions, we attempt to generate smart ecological decisions wherever and however we can. We will be powering our moving tanks with biodiesel. For us, an investment in solar energy is the right action.”

They had a perfect location for wood, using completely unshaded buildings year old with the optimal orientation to sunlight,” said Nicole Clock, Design Specialist to get SPG Solar. “We commend their implementation of various environmentally friendly practices. Within a 25-year period, the clean-energy in Bridge Storage’s solar PV system is predicted to replace over 1.2 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.”

SPG Solar, Inc. (SPG) is a leading integrated programmer, designer, and installer of solar power (PV) systems for homes, businesses, agriculture and large commercial and government facilities, together with over 900 solar PV installations and 5 locations around California. SPG Solar is committed to building the highest-performing solar PV systems with the maximum return on investment. To find out more, please see www.spgsolar.

Bridge Storage (www.bridgestorage) is also a family owned, the family built and family operated storage facility in Point Richmond, CA serving the Marin and East Bay storage markets. Bridge Storage cares a great deal about the North Bay community, and particularly, about our neighborhood at Richmond.