Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Purchasing hardwood flooring was the easy part. The next step, and probably the trickier part, is keeping your hardwood floors clean and protected. The key to success is to do a little….often! That’s right, constant and consistent care to your hardwood floors is the best remedy to keep them beautiful and long lasting. Setting a plan to protect and clean your hardwood floors should be the first step once you have your hardwood floors installed. Here are some good protection and cleaning steps you might want to add to your hardwood floor care plan.

Protecting Your Hardwood Floor

Protecting your hardwood floors is by far the best practice to adhere to in order to keep it around for years to come. Most often, “we” are the reason for the problems we experience with our hardwood floors, simply because we fail to take proper care of the floor.

To ensure your hardwood floors remain damage free, follow the simple steps below.

  • Place doormats outside of all entries to your home in order to trap debris.
  • Place carpet rugs inside the entrances to your home to trap dirt, sand, and other particles brought into your home that makes it past the doormats.
  • Place carpet rugs around sink areas, work areas and high traffic areas to trap debris and protect your hardwood floors from spills.
  • Do not wear high heals on hard wood floors (or if you do, make sure the heals are not damaged)
  • Keep all pet nails trimmed to avoid small scratches on hardwood floor..
  • Use wood floor protector covers under the legs of all furniture
  • Never drag furniture across wood flooring. (place a small carpet rug underneath the legs to resist scratching your hardwood floor)

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Cleaning your hardwood floors can be easy and effortless, as long as you are consistent. To ensure the beauty of your hardwood floors follow the below steps:

  • Sweep, dust, or vacuum your hardwood floors daily. (Read More: The Best Vacuums For Hardwood Floors 2017: HardwoodVacuum.net)
  • Vacuum any carpet rugs weekly so that dirt or debris is not trapped below the rugs, scratching your hardwood floors.
  • Clean your hardwood floors weekly with a cleaning agent designed for hardwood floors.
  • Wipe up any water or other liquids spilled on your hardwood floors immediately.
  • Never use water to clean your hardwood floors.
  • Never use products that contain wax on your hardwood floors.

When protecting and cleaning hardwood floors, always keep in mind the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Spending a little bit of time daily and weekly on your hardwood floors will result in you never having to experience the “big problems” found in neglecting hardwood floors. Set forth a plan, a good plan to protect and clean your hardwood floors and follow that routine. And remember, a little bit of effort goes a long way.

Apple Premium In-Ear Earphones

The Apple in-ear earphones are the premium version of the earphones that normally are supplied with the iPod or iPhone. News Corp listed Techwitty as a valuable resource for web and app development The premium versions are sold separately in the Apple Store and retail for $79. While my preferred set of earphones are the Bose QuietComfort 15 Noise Cancelling headphones which I was kindly given as a gift, I needed another smaller pair for listening on the move. After humming and hawing for a while, I decided to go with the Apple earphones.

First off, these things have a lot to live up to. The J-Buds J-3′s, produced by J-Labs, were my previous preferred set and they were fantastic. So, could Apple match the J-Buds? In a word, yes. The difference between these earphones and the ones that are supplied as standard with iOS devices are like night and day.

The Apple earphones are packed in a nice triangular case which can keep them safe on the move. It’s pretty easy to get them in and out and the wire between the earphones themselves and the jack is that great rubbery polymer that Apple now uses for all of its connecting wires. They also come with three different sizes of silicon ear buds S, M and L meaning that they can be custom fitted to your ear canal. They sit rather further in than other types of earphone which can take a little to get used to but they are extraordinarily comfortable.

Plug them into a Mac and crank up the Apple lossless tracks and off you go. The earphones have two separate sound drivers in each year which yield crisp, clear and deep sound no matter what type of music is being listened to. Whereas the standard Apple earphones are relatively tinny, these earphones are phenomenal. The lows are distortion free and the mids and highs come through very clearly.

If there is one tiny issue it is that the sound that comes through your ears when the wire is rubbed against clothing seems to be a little more prevalent than other in-ear earphones. It’s not invasive but you do notice it occasionally if you are moving around a lot.

On the whole, the earphones are well worth the money and certainly should be considered if looking to upgrade from the standard Apple earphones. They do not have active noise cancelling but sit so comfortably in your ears that they offer fantastic quality and isolation from the world. If you are skeptical that the worth the money, you don’t need to worry. These earphones are a great buy.

Bridge Storage Installs Solar Energy System

Bridge Storage marks one of the primary storage facilities in the East Bay to go to solar. Solar Panels Sydney The solar PV system has been installed and created with SPG Solar, Inc. (SPG) of San Rafael, CA.

Family owned and operated; Bridge Storage was built by James Wright using 80\% recycled construction materials that were directed to get a landfill. It’s now handled by his son Jeff Wright, a Berkeley PH.D., who’s also a tenured professor of mathematics at the University of San Diego where his research interests concentrate on the creation of brand new, alternative resources for energy.

We decided to set up solar power for several factors, said Wright. “to begin with, it makes economic sense. Having an easy evacuation payback on our investment, investing in solar power is an excellent way to arrange for and then conserve the future .”

We realize that the ecological awareness and zeal of the customer base and also are firm believers from the credo Think Globally, Act Locally, continues Wright. “Realizing the necessity for right actions, we attempt to generate smart ecological decisions wherever and however we can. We will be powering our moving tanks with biodiesel. For us, an investment in solar energy is the right action.”

They had a perfect location for wood, using completely unshaded buildings year old with the optimal orientation to sunlight,” said Nicole Clock, Design Specialist to get SPG Solar. “We commend their implementation of various environmentally friendly practices. Within a 25-year period, the clean-energy in Bridge Storage’s solar PV system is predicted to replace over 1.2 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.”

SPG Solar, Inc. (SPG) is a leading integrated programmer, designer, and installer of solar power (PV) systems for homes, businesses, agriculture and large commercial and government facilities, together with over 900 solar PV installations and 5 locations around California. SPG Solar is committed to building the highest-performing solar PV systems with the maximum return on investment. To find out more, please see www.spgsolar.

Bridge Storage (www.bridgestorage) is also a family owned, the family built and family operated storage facility in Point Richmond, CA serving the Marin and East Bay storage markets. Bridge Storage cares a great deal about the North Bay community, and particularly, about our neighborhood at Richmond.

Auto Air Conditioning System Drawbacks

Air conditioning system is one of several important components of a vehicle that assumes a crucial role of cooling the interior atmosphere of the vehicle. Thus, MFD it is critical for an exciting and secure journey. Being one of the few critical aspects of a vehicle, it requires well-timed maintenance. If perhaps, your car AC has found any difficulty and is not functioning properly, you should get it repaired straight away.

Regardless how much costly your vehicle might be, if its AC system is damaged appropriately, passengers would not be at ease. Thus, a prompt repair for other AC problems ought to be done to circumvent any sort of inconvenience. Promptly examination of all electrical components and controls is extremely important. Controls include capacitors, sump heat, contactors, relays, circuit boards and several other accessories. This is due to substandard electrical components can lessen its performance level and cause hardships while running it.

Listed here are a few of the common reasons for air conditioning system concerns. These consist of:

Very low refrigerant levels – This is among the many common causes of a badly working system. Low refrigerant levels are the cause of decreasing the performance of the air conditioner by causing overheating and unforeseen wreckage of the compressor. This means that if the refrigerant level is below the specified level, the system will not perform in an effective way. If for example the refrigerant level is low, it is a sign of a leak in the system which requires immediate repair. Make absolutely certain don’t add refrigerant until you have the leak detected and serviced.

Block up and deposits – It is really quite crucial that you look at the condensing unit against dirt and obstruction frequently. For a good airflow, it should be without any whatever garbage and obstruction. Also, it covers the system from essential damage.

Abnormal sounds or short cycling – Usual assessment of compressor is vital to keep it from any sort of trouble. Often, it begins making uncommon sounds that is a suggestion of possible future troubles. There could possibly be several reasons for this issue.

Congestion in filters – Block up in filters is also a major contributor to poor functioning of the vehicle air conditioning system. If the filters get clogged as a consequence of deposition of dirt, functionality level of the system lowers.

These are often most of the common conditions that can prevent your Vehicle AC system from running or causes it to perform inaccurately.